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Energetikom is the essential partner for commercial, public and private actors and their projects concerning energy, climate protection and eco design. We support our partners in every step, from initialisation to realisation. We would like to present an overview of our current projects.


Working group “integrated urban development” publishes final report

The task of analysing CO2 saving potentials in existing buildings in Ludwigsburg’s Weststadt has been successfully completed. The resulting final report (only in german language) describes how goals for the energy-related renewal can be defined and implemented in city quarters. Furthermore the final report depicts the working group’s basic idea: additionally analysing the energetically relevant building components during the assessment of building substance and modernisation needs in order to undertake an evaluation of the energy use and the CO2 emission in the research area. A calculation model for building analysis, specifically developed by the working group, was applied in the course of the exemplary fulfilment of the given task. In this context it was also evaluated which modernisation measures are reasonable.

Energetikom working group „integrated urban development“ was awarded a contract to study potential CO2 savings in existing buildings

In the course of a public tender procedure, a contract to analyse potential CO2 savings in existing buildings in Ludwigsburg’s “Weststadt” quarter could be obtained. After an assessment of building characteristics, a calculation model developed by the working group is applied in these analyses. On this basis reliable statements of the energetic effect of potential measures for existing buildings can be derived. If they wish, homeowners can get advice regarding redevelopment measures at Energetikom.

Working group “geothermal energy” publishes info sheet on conditions for heat pump heating in existing buildings

In 2011 the working group “geothermal energy” dealt with describing the relevant conditions for the installation of heat pump heating in existing buildings. The results are presented to the public in info sheet 3. The info sheet focuses on the description of the legal framework. Additionally, a chart enables a rough calculation whether heat pump heating is suitable for any residential building on the basis of its current energy needs (oil, gas). Furthermore, measures are described which make heat pump heating also attractive for older existing buildings. In certain cases a previous energetic building renovation, for example by thermal insulation, are of course positive for the installation of a new heat pump heating.

Working group “integrated urban development” publishes interim report

The Energetikom working group “integrated urban development” has developed a concept for the energy-related renewal of the building stock. Now the first interim report could be presented. This report introduces a model for the energy analysis of research areas and urban renewal areas. Thus a procedure has been developed which allows a realistic assessment of the primary energy consumption and CO2 usage in the current state as well as after the implementation of various measures. A summary can be found in info sheet 2. The working group was initiated by the Wuestenrot Haus- and Staedtebau GmbH. In the future the working group is going to refine and further develop the designed criteria and assessment catalogues.

Working group “geothermal engery” develops suitability assessment map for building stock

In a first step, the Energetikom working group “geothermal energy” has developed a suitability assessment map for the complete metropolitan area of Ludwigsburg showing which building stock is suitable for the usage of near-surface geothermal energy and under which circumstances. The map can be downloaded here:

A summary of the results are presented and published in info sheet 1. For more information you can contact the Energetikom office.

Position paper “City and Climate” presented to the Ministry of Economics of Baden-Wuerttemberg

On 8 December 2010 the expert commission’s position paper on sustainable urban development was presented to Richard Drautz, undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Economics of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

The expert commission, an initiative of the STEG Stadtentwicklung GmbH within the associational activities in the energy competence center Energetikom, developed a strategy to implement the sustainability strategy of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in municipalities. Furthermore the sustainable planning of urban development depicted in the position paper is to be integrated in the federal state’s policy on subsidies. The position paper is not only intended for the state government, but also for municipalities. In the municipalities the members of the expert commission see excellent approaches and areas of activities to effectively promote climate protection and sustainable energy supply.


Position paper “Energy Assessment of the Film Academy”

On request of the Film Academy Ludwigsburg their buildings are to be analysed to determine potentials for energy saving. This project could be accomplished in cooperation with Energetikom. The LEA would coordinate the project and cooperate with other partners of the Energetikom competence center. Preliminary meetings are currently held regarding this project.


The new administration building of the Wohnbau Ludwigsburg GmbH in the city center is certified by partners of Energetikom according to the DGNB-Green-Building-Guideline. In this new building energy efficiency measures for a total of 4,700 m² are realized by the installation of a building ventilation unit, 20 cm of insulation, activation of thermal mass, light-controlled blinds, district heating connection, a PV-system and a water storage tank on 4 floors.


In course of the project, a partnership consisting of nine organisations and municipalities from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and the UK, deals with sustainable building restoration. It is the goal to illustrate and further develop innovative technologies, methods and approaches in sustainable building restoration.

Five selected buildings in five countries are restored in accordance with sustainability norms. After completion, these buildings, which are restored with sustainable building materials, will contribute to CO2-neutrality as they save energy and use regenerative energies for instance. The restoration processes function as learning models for the sustainable restoration of very different kinds of buildings. Sustainability centers are established within the restored buildings which are best-practice examples and meeting points for actors form very different areas at the same time.

The Ludwigsburg sustainability center “Energetikom – center for energy competence and eco design” is going to offer seminars, information events and workshops dealing with topics like energy saving and sustainable building materials.


Integrated Energy Concept

In cooperation with the Institute for the Rational Use of Energy, the Ludwigsburg Energy Agency and Energetikom, the City of Ludwigsburg is currently working on an integrated energy concept for electricity, heat and traffic. The first main focus is a status quo analysis – how much energy is actually used and which energy sources are behind that?

On this basis different scenarios are developed and proposals as well as measures are created through a large participation process including politics, economy, organisations and citizens. The integrated energy concept is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment in the context of the National Initiative for Climate Protection.


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