From initialisation to realisation  

Energetikom supports projects from initialisation to realisation. The services offered are divided into the following areas of expertise: information, advice, further education, cooperation, networking as well as research and development.


Sechs-Säulen bilden das Leistungsspektrum von Energetikom.


Our motive for action is derived from our knowledge. Therefore it is important to strengthen social awareness through information. Energetikom provides information about the topics of energy, climate protection and eco-design.


Energetikom offers neutral and competent advice to private, public and commercial actors and energy users on all questions concerning energy, climate protection and eco design.

Further Education

Energetikom supports further education in seminars and training for colleges and universities, companies and public institutions as well as for individuals.


Successful cooperation is characterised by the working together of the right partners. Energetikom helps to bring together the right actors in order to provide a strong basis for a successful project right from the start.


Exchanging thoughts, getting into contact, seeing new perspectives. The strength of the Energetikom network is the integration of significant actors in the areas of competence regarding energy, climate protection and eco design.

Research & Development

New technologies and innovations are needed in order to determine and achieve goals of climate protection. Energetikom actively supports the development of new solutions and concepts for a sustainable and eco-friendly future.


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